Values of the Club

The pillars of our club are built on Solidarity, Equality & Community. We are an equal opportunities organisation who stand against any form of discrimination. We believe diversity brings strength, and we will use this strength towards building on the positive societal values that underpin our community. 


There have been many clubs and organisations; at home and further afield, who have influenced our work at G.S.F.C. Organisations such as ‘United Glasgow’, ’Show Racism the Red Card’ and ‘St Pauli’ who fight for fairness and equality within our sport; and ‘Refuweegee’ and ’Nil by Mouth’ whose fight against social injustice transcends sport. Clubs such as ’St Pauli’ are living proof that social values and respect for others does not need to be compromised in order to complete at the highest level. 

At G.S.F.C we understand that it can sometimes be hard to make time for the activities we enjoy and be active on social initiatives within the community at the same time. Organisations such as ourselves, and some of those listed above, show how we can combine being sociable with being socially mindful, and how together these two things can be used to create positive change. This will be our guiding principle.

Aims of the club

We are proud to compete in the Glasgow Community & Cooperative League, a league created to champion socially-minded clubs with a strong ethos towards ensuring a zero tolerance to discrimination.

We hope to establish ourselves as a competitive team within the league, whilst creating as much positive social action in our community as possible. As a new club we will use year 1 as a measure against year 2, and in doing so, hope to facilitate continual improvement both on and off the pitch.

Future GSFC goals include setting up a women’s team (after ensuring the model is a sustainable one following our men’s debut campaign), and to increase football opportunities for different age groups/experience levels, from youth to the elderly, including mixed game opportunities for those simply looking to keep active and have fun.

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